Dead Gods

The Eastward March

• Upon their return to Telflamm, the party took a moment to relax their nerves in the seedy waterfront tavern while considering their next move. Leaving Uthmere to its fate, the party decided their efforts would be better spent tracking the fel orcs invasion back to its source. With some careful planning, Fenix was able to deposit the party with a successful teleportation east of Uthmere along the Great Road, smoke still rising from the west. Deciding to stay off the road, the party moved south-east with Fenix taking off to scout ahead.

Gullah and Cromlack moved swiftly after Fenix once Desthro got himself strapped in… The miles passed slowly, but they met nobody off the road continuing on past night fall before Fenix finally returned reporting that the road ahead would be long. It was then they decided it would be safer to pass the night at the tavern in Telflamm. Upon returning the following morning to the spot Fenix had selected, the party took up traveling again deciding to repeat this routine. This time however, Fenix also scouted southwards into the Forest of Lethyr and discovered fel orcs moving through the forest but not unopposed. It seemed as if the forest itself was attempting to halt them, and Fenix was more than happy to let it.

• Mid-day of the third day Fenix returned early to report a fort ahead, well south of the great road but with many orcs and demons within. After a quick discussion, the party decided on a lightning raid to within in an attempt to capture or at least strike down any or all of the command structure they might find within. Any captured orcs would have no choice but to reveal what they knew. The party snuck as close as they dared with Fenix guiding them between the outer patrols. As they neared the outer mix of stone and wood comprising the outer wall, Desthro dismounted and the party went ethereal passing into the lightly defended fort with non to challenge them and into the central hall.

• It was not until they were in that the party realized that among the shadowy semi-real shadowy forms around them, the huge winged shadows eyes were following them, piercing the ethereal veil as they moved up through the open center of the fort and the other shadowy figures closed in around them cutting off their retreat. With the element of surprise lost, the party materialized swarming in on the huge winged demon who seemed to be in charge. The blurred forms around them materialized into a handful of some lightly armored and a few of the more heavily armored orcs. In the mob were at least four strange demons with boar-like heads and four arms each, and several larger dog-headed demons also with four arms. The central demon was dark scaled with a massive mouth in his torso’s with pincers snapping from each side of the massive jaw.

• As the huge demon, the strange boar-headed demons and heavily armored orcs all began to chant their words mingling with the war cries of the orcs springing upon the party the group moved into action. Cromlack moved to intercept the orcs moving in on Desthro as Fenris charged up to the huge demon. Gullah darted between them all to close and bar the doors to the great hall and Fenix wasted no time hurling his own sorcery into the mob around them and a number of the more lightly armored orcs and demons dropped fear-stricken and terrified to death.

• Desthro focused on the orcs, quickly dominating one of the survivors of Fenix’s onslaught and Cromlack fended off the other. Fenix moved his own attention to support Fenris, as did Gullah realizing he was not faring so well against the enemies demonic commander with the other demons supporting him. Realizing they would soon be overrrun, Desthro made one last attempt and succeeded at ensnaring one of the more heavily armored orcs. Gathering them he teleported them out on his own while Fenix teleported out with Cromlack, Fenris and Gullah back to his usual spot in Telflamm. Desthro did not return to the tavern until the following morning arriving with the armored orc now introducing himself as Karl.


Sesshomaru Sesshomaru

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