Dead Gods

The Karl Says...

• The new Karl-W it turned out had been able to answer a few questions. He revealed that several months ago the wandering grey orc tribes had gathered in the plains to the distant north-east of the Great Road for a gathering of the people. Nobody was exactly certain on how the fighting started or who struck the first blow, but before long the tribes came to blows. A few small conflicts quickly escalated into a furious frenzy with stronger tribes scouring the weak and absorbing the survivors worthy.

• This was the beginning of surviving clans that would rise to reclaim the might of their ancestors. From one of the strongest clans, a warlock revealed that he had discovered the way into the ruins south of them and convinced first his own clan, then the strongest clan followed them first descending into the ruins through the Black Gate to drink the blood of the prince, Tenebrous.

• While he was unable to reveal anything of this demon prince Tenebrous other than his secretive nature, he did reveal that all the large surviving clans had descended into the ruins to drink the demon’s blood from what he called the Well of Shadows, and these numbered roughly a dozen, and all of these had loosely unified under the strongest clan with varying degrees of success. Most immediately, the clan that commanded his own fort had been away deep in the forests south of the fort. The demon they had fought was of a kind known as klurichir, and was in the service of a two-headed ogre warlock commanding another fort north of the Great Road.

• After a quick discussion, the party decided it was worth another attempt to strike some discord into these orcs by attempting to slay or capture their warlord. With help from the prisoner, it did not take long to pin down an ideal spot from where to slip in. They decided to try their luck and slip in the same way as before, relying on the ethereal plane to slip through the fort’s defenders.

• The plan worked better than before, this time with the party able to make the first move. Fenix used his sorcery to seal off the entrance to the fort behind them while Fenris and Cromlack attempted to tear through the strange two-headed ogre mutant. Desthro wasted no time in thinning out the guards around them dropping them terror-stricken as Fenix had done before. Gullah attempted to silence the warlock but failed. Fenix moved to tearing through the defenders in Desthro’s place as the doctor set about acquiring another Karl. Within moments however, as if hearing his master’s unspoken call the klurichir appeared in the room entering the fray as his master rose up above the swinging blades of Fenris and Cromlack leaving them on the ground beneath him while he prepared to get serious.

• Switching tactics, Fenris and Cromlack moved their attention to those remaining on the ground, while Fenix and Gullah turned their attention to the mutant. The klurichir sent out his own call, and the swirling heat entering the room suggested what would soon be arriving. Desthro finished acquiring a fel orc raider even as his enslaved warlock fell. The appearance of the two balors while their main enemies still stood convinced the party that they would need to get serious to have any chance of salvaging the success of their raid. Fenix, Desthro and Gullah all hurled their magic at the ogre in the air above them, who now had summoned a marilith to join the battle as Cromlack and Fenris braved the klurichir’s attacks attempting to strike it down as swiftly as they could fearful of the flaming blades and whips of the two balors.

• It was Gullah who then took down the ogre mage in his rage calling on the orc gods and imploding the fel warlord while the spells of Desthro and Fenix sapped the vitality and energy from the klurichir allowing the two barbarians to finish it off. Deciding there was no time to lose, the party fled leaving the two enraged balors to their fate and returning to Telflamm to decide their next move.


Sesshomaru Sesshomaru

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